Site Requirements

At RelateTheNews we use the latest industry standard technologies to provide you a great experience researching news sentiment.

To insure you receive the full benefit of our website the following technologies are required when accessing INTERConnect Analytics from any device.

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - SSL provides a mechanism to encrypt all communication between your web browser and our website. We use an Organizationally Validated SSL certificate from an industry leading provder. This certificate supports up to 256 Bit encryption.

  • Javascript - We use javascript to provide access to our data API and generate our user interface.

  • Cookies - We use cookies to manage the login process. We may also use cookies to track usage of various features on the site or save your personal preferences.

If you choose not to use, choose to block, or cannot use any of these technologies the following may occur:

  • Login - you will be unable to login to the website.

  • User Interface - the user interface will only partially display or fail to display.

  • Data - data may not be retrieved, or displayed.